Shell Island Tour

Shell Island Eco Tour

Dolphin and Snorkel Tours is your best opportunity to turn a regular trip to Panama City Beach into an unforgettable vacation experience. Enjoy a private boat tour around the world’s most beautiful beaches, ending with an exploration around historical Shell Island. Book our Shell Island Eco Tour and get ready for it to become the highlight of your vacation in Panama City Beach!

On our way to Shell Island, be on the lookout for all sorts of marine and wildlife in their natural habitats; including dolphins, sea turtles, ospreys, gulls and pelicans. This private boat tour is expertly led around the beaches of Shell Island. Learn about interesting historical landmarks, including the exact location where the Spanish explored for buried treasure and hid their ships. You can even stop and look at some of the ship wrecks! After arriving on Shell Island, the tour moves into the sand, where we often find many different species of crabs, shells, sand dollars and sea urchins. Our expert tour guide will not only help find these different creatures, but also take the time to explore and explain these unique treasures of Shell Island.

Shell Island is a narrow barrier island (7.5 miles long), separating St. Andrew’s Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. This beautiful nature preserve and bird sanctuary is completely uninhabited and only accessible by boat. Shell Island and the waters surrounding it, supports a wide array of wildlife. Shell Island is visited by over 180 species of migratory birds and other wildlife such as dolphins, white tailed deer, wild raccoons, giant manta rays, manatees and much more.


Explore Shell Island

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