Dolphin Tours

Famous for its large population of dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, dolphin encounters are quickly becoming a very popular thing to do while visiting Panama City Beach, Florida. Dolphin and Snorkel Tours is Panama City Beach’s first tour that guarantee’s dolphin sightings. Our Dolphin Tours include cruising around the Gulf of Mexico and visiting the best spots to see dolphins. We’ll literally go the extra mile (or 10) to fulfill your dream of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat! On the off chance that you do not see dolphins, we’ll invite you to come back on a complimentary tour until you do.

A personalized experience is our focus at Dolphin and Snorkel Tours. You’ll be amazed as you hear stories about and learn more about the intelligence of these majestic creatures. Allow us to put together a day that you will never forget!

Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours are some of the more popular services that we offer to both our private and group tours. Our variety of tours, allows you the chance to create your own unique dolphin tour experience. To help ensure a memorable and close-up experience, we do limit our boats to only 6 passengers at a time. Whether you want to snorkel in the same waters as the dolphins or just enjoy their beauty from the boat, we offer something for everybody.

Dolphin and Snorkel Tours is located at the Bay Point Marina, commonly known as the closest marina to where dolphins and other wildlife are regularly spotted. The marina at Bay Point is the closest marina to Shell Island, and known for having one of the highest and most consistent concentrations of Bottlenose Dolphins in the country. Thanks to our convenient location, we don’t waste time having to travel across the bay and can virtually guarantee dolphin sightings in no time.

Resident pods (groups of dolphins) that stay here year-round, spend a lot of time feeding and playing around the Shell Island waters. Captain Lorraine has spent years studying the unique behaviors of these majestic creatures. Always learning from their behavior patterns, she rarely has any trouble finding them. Sometimes while the boat is still in the water, dolphins will even surface right beside us, blessing us with their presence.

You are welcome to swim in the areas that dolphins swim. We don’t advertise this tour as a “swim with dolphins tour”, because we do not feed or cut dolphins off, forcing them to swim with us. We focus on the conservation of dolphins. We follow and support regulations and guidelines set forth by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. We do not interfere with their natural behavior, since this has proven to be detrimental to them. We couldn’t sleep at night, knowing that we contributed to anything to potentially harm these creatures. If they want to swim with you they will, if they don’t we do not force them to. We strive to provide an educational experience, allowing a greater understanding and appreciation on wildlife. The dolphins will thank you for choosing a tour outfitter that cares.

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Dolphin Tours

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