Panama City Beach is PROVEN to be the best beach in the country

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About half of Florida’s tourists drive to Florida, the number one destination for Florida’s tourists is Orlando, and the second hot spot for the drive market is not Miami or Tampa, It is Panama City Beach. Panama City Beach was known as the Redneck Riviera not so long ago because so many people from the southern states vacationed here. Today, the rest of the world is discovering what “rednecks” discovered a long time ago; the worlds most beautiful beaches. Of course, there are many beaches that claim to be the best, but the beaches in Panama City have scientific analyses to prove their boast. According to research conducted by Dr. Stephen Leatherman, a former university of Maryland geography professor famous for his annual rankings of the country’s best beaches, St. Andrews State Park’s beaches where ranked the country’s number one beach. Leatherman ¬†judges the quality of the 650 public beaches based on the softness of the sand, the number of waves, rip currents, the clarity of the surf, peskiness of mosquitoes, buildings, and the noise level of the beach.

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