Animals you didn’t know lived in the Gulf of Mexico

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By Captain Lorraine Frasier

This article is for educational purposes only. These are not animals we are likely to see on our tours since these animals live deep in the gulf of mexico.




Scientist’s think there are about 500 individual animals that live here in the the Gulf of Mexico. Marine Experts think they live mainly in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico.  They to follow schools of Tuna to feed on.

Brydes Whale

brydes whale


There are about 50 individuals of Brydes whales in the Gulf of Mexico that live here year round. Recent genetic testing have revealed that these whales may be a separate subspecies altogether. They live around an underwater canyon off of the coast of the Florida Panhandle, called the DeSoto Canyon. Theses whales weigh up to 90,000 lbs. Males are slightly smaller then females.


White Shark



This year, we have had two great white sharks come into the waters around Panama City. One was a 14 ft. shark tagged off of the coast of cape cod, and the other one was seen during a fishing charter.


Short Finned Pilot Whale


Photo by Flicker, posted by Mr. Moss.

These animals are prefer deeper waters where their prey item, squid, is abundant.  Pilot whales have strong family and social bonds and are known to mass strand. This is the largest member of the dolphin family after the killer whale.


Northern Gannet


Maybe you’ve seen these large birds on the discovery channel, diving into the water like a torpedo, and “flying” underwater chasing fish, usually on cliffs in colder climates.  To even my surprise, we have them in the Gulf of Mexico as well. Northern Gannets favor the Gulf of Mexico in the winter months.


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