Captain Lorraine

Thanks so much for visiting me online! My name is Lorraine, and I am the owner and operator of this tour. I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.

 I am originally from Germany. I moved to Florida from Colorado as soon as I turned 18 with nothing but an old car that was falling apart that I had bought weeks before and never driving before in my life, the rest my life savings from working all throughout school, and knowing no one within thousands miles. I  didn’t have much of a plan. No job or place to stay or anything lined up. I stayed in the cheapest motels I could find.  All I knew was that I was willing to do anything to eventually work with marine animals. It has been my lifelong dream and passion to work with marine life. I have been obsessed with whales and dolphins since the age of 3. Growing up, I had dreams of becoming a marine biologist.  I also wanted to spend my free time doing water sports and enjoying the outdoors.  

I did work with some animals in a few parks, I helped in training and rehabilitating animals. I did this for mainly for free, I landed a couple of internships. I quickly learned that any job involving marine mammals was very hard to get into, and also a tough way to make a living. 

 Being young and easily influenced at the time, I listened to peers who would tell me that I needed to find a “real” career. I started to think that my dreams where just a childhood fantasy and were not realistic for me. If I ever find a time machine, I will go back and knock some sense into myself.

I worked lots of different jobs. I spent a lot of time in the service industry. My close friends say that I have done everything.

Through a coincidence, I met a nice man while going through school,who managed a water sports company, he eventually gave me the opportunity to work on the water. I earned my Captains license  after spending some time working on the water and chartered boats for many different companies.

 After landing my first full time Captain’s job, all I wanted to do is explore the area, underwater and on land. Every night I would research animals of the area that I had seen that day, I would wonder about all of the fun facts about them.    I had the sense of waking up and feeling excited about the day ahead, this feeling I had long forgotten. I knew that chartering tours was what I wanted to spend my time doing, its a good life when you absolutely love what your doing, and when you love what your doing, you tend to be good at it. 

After seeing how different tour companies operate, I developed my own ideas, there were things I liked and there were also things I disliked. I also spent a lot of time talking to guests and seeing what they liked, disliked, and what they thought would be fun to do on a tour. I kept the the things I liked, ditched the things I didn’t like and added new things to my tours, which make mine different from any of any of the others in the area.  I wanted to make my tours meaningful, educational,  I wanted to give people an experience they will remember for years and make people feel special.  This is very fulfilling for me.  I opened my own tour company with the support of amazing friends I met along the way.  

Every day I think about how lucky I am.                                                                                         


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